This image is a self portrait of objects that relate directly to me and my work. Find out more. 

In a nutshell

Clive Roddy is a designer and maker based in a small rural village near Bath, UK. 
He has a genuine love for products and has been relentlessly designing and making things for over a decade. 

Clive’s overwhelming compulsion to make new products has led him to focus the majority of his spare time on design projects. He is most likely to be found tinkering away in his workshop, where he is happiest! 

He believes in developing simple ideas to create remarkable designs that capture a sense of fun and originality.

He aspires to produce the perfect balance of unusual yet desirable products, exquisitely made from the highest quality materials.

Clive has now sold his work all over the world (he is still flabbergasted by this!) 
He has big plans for this year, hoping to expand his range and continue to develop his original brand of products.

Thank you for your support.