Hyperion Tree

Hyperion Tree is a 1:826 scale model of the worlds tallest living tree. 
Designed to evoke a feeling of wonder whilst illustrating the sheer magnitude of this natural colossus, all within a delicately detailed and handmade model that can be held in the palm of your hand.
Each tiny handcrafted model is meticulously assembled before being carefully enclosed in its own miniature glass casing.
Each tree is accompanied by its own minuscule, to scale, human silhouette and is securely fixed to its own weighted and tiered wooden base.

Hyperion Tree is officially the worlds tallest living tree and it’s hiding somewhere in California, USA.
In 2006 two naturalists, Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor, stumbled upon a group of trees in California’s Redwood National Park that were taller than any they had ever seen before. The tallest of which was measured at a staggering 379.3 feet (115 metres).
They named it Hyperion after the Greek Titan meaning “The High One”. Hyperion has managed to survive extensive deforestation in the area (that continued right up until the 1970's). It is an estimated 600-800 years old and it’s still growing. The exact location of this magnificent giant is a secret in order to protect it - long may it continue! 

Why not put things into perspective with this small yet perfectly formed conversation piece.  

Glass, Birch Plywood, Balsa wood, Steel, Foam, Card.

Height 16cm, Width 4.5cm, Depth 4.5cm